The Humours of Folly
Review by:The Folly Current, Folly Beach, SC July 20, 2009


“As neighboring islands have been given over to gated golf communities, Folly Beach maintains its dignity, unencumbered by the forces of conformity.” - Marjory Wentworth, South Carolina Poet Laureate in The Humours of Folly.

The Humours of Folly is a brilliant work of photography and poetry, whose journey gives birth to smiles, laughter, revelation, and redemption. Every page is sprinkled with a magic that can rejuvenate the heart of anyone with a passion for this island. In a time where Folly Beach may seem to be stumbling in the dark for direction, Frank Melvin Braden and Ellie Maas Davis remind us with their enchanting images and prose that Folly is more than a zip code: it is a living, breathing creature whose life is chronicled in the seasons; whose charm is in her demand to color outside the lines. It is a reminder to step back, slow down and reach into the soul of Folly in order to reconnect it to our own. Humours is plastered with familiar images of celebration, nature, personalities, and life. Davis’ prose must come from an ancient magician’s book designed to hypnotize the reader with the mystery of Folly Beach from the first page to the last. Juxtaposed in the magic are recollections from various Folly locals such as Marlene Estridge, who recalls eating loggerhead sea turtles as a child after moving here in 1941.

“Oh, I know why loggerheads are scarce,” she is quoted to say. Staying true to its inference, The Humours of Folly explores the various corners of the island’s soul with the playfulness and wisdom of a 200 year old Live Oak. On July 28, the publishers will be officially releasing the book at the Folly Beach Holiday Inn between 4:30pm and 6:30pm. Be sure to get a copy, flip through its pages and remember why you love Folly Beach.

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